Frequently Asked Questions

OFA-AFO protocol

One For All - All For One protocol is the mainstay of Fortis Oeconomia ecosystem that provides possibility to all participants to win together


Sub-Systems are satellite ecosystems that have unique working mechanisms connected with Fortis Oeconomia general-system


FOT is the main currency of the ecosystem and can be turned into bFOT, bFOT is the fuel of sub-systems, can only be acquired via  FOT burning module

What is the difference between Modules and Sub-systems

Modules are experimental financial tools. On the other hand, sub-systems are upgraded versions of financial instruments 

More sub-systems

Sub-systems can be designed and join the Fortis Oeconomia if it has core values of the OFA-AFO protocol 

How to earn FOT

Everyone can earn FOT just by participating in sub-systems

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